Syd Heather Freelance Filmmaker

A simple spring clean goes disastrously wrong when an obsessive clean freak tries to remove a speck of glitter from her spotless house.

Starring Hayley Thompson & Sarah Langrish-Smith
Written and Directed by Syd Heather
Produced by Syd Heather, David Frias-Robles & Sarah Langrish-Smith
Cinematography by David Frias-Robles
Edited by Emma Bayat
Original Music by Claire Batchelor
Sound Design & Mix by Tim Garratt & Molly Sewell
Grade by Vanya Tomova
Production Design by Hayley Thompson & Sarah Langrish-Smith
Visual Effects by Valentin Vaklinov
Titles & Credits by Cerridwen Creative
Production Assistants - Simon Grujich & David Frias-Robles
Special Thanks - Mehzeb Chowdhury & Neville Thomason

Filmed and edited during the Covid-19 Lockdown 2020.
© Syd Heather MMXXI