Syd Heather Freelance Filmmaker

Client: Folkestone & Hythe Council 
Client Representatives:
Jane Walker & Susan Priest

A film by Rob Smith, Chris Wade and Syd Heather
Production Companies: Wild Rover Media & The Kent Video Company
CGI Animation Sequences by Hayes Davidson & Renderloft
Artist Impressions by Cong Nguyen
Stock Footage & Music by Storyblocks

A unique collaboration between three Kent-based award-winning filmmakers Rob Smith, Chris Wade and myself, we pitched and secured a noteworthy commission to create an informative and beautifully promotional video to present Folkestone & Hythe District Council's plans to level up and showcase the district as both an exciting home and tourist destination, but also a viable economic opportunity at the centre of ongoing community renewal

Touching on the glorious history of Folkestone as a holiday destination and building upon the already proven regeneration schemes they've implemented in recent years like the Creative Quarter, we created two videos to inspire both the public and government officials just how the Government's Levelling Up Funding scheme will utilise the existing progress and positive transformation already happening in the district and showcase how additional funding will not only make Folkestone an even-greater destination for those living there but also create more housing, jobs and leisure activities to bring people back to the area. 

Filmed entirely on location in the Folkestone & Hythe district, we combined stunning drone footage and inspiring video sequences of the wonderous beaches, seafront and nature paths alongside CGI renders and 2D artist impressions of the proposed regeneration projects already actively in development.