Syd Heather Freelance Filmmaker

Tensions re-emerge at a wake when two sisters and their younger brother race around their childhood town on homemade "motorbikes" to decide who gets to give their late mother the send-off she deserves.

SODABIKES is distributed in Europe, the USA, and Latin America by Shorts International and is available to watch on their TV channels or via Amazon Prime Video with a Shorts TV subscription here:

Andaras Travelling Film Festival 2021
Dorking Film Festival 2021
Tri Rivers Film Festival 2021
7th Siding Film Festival 2021
Adventure Cinema: Food & Film Fest 2021
Katonah Classic Stage Film Festival 2022
Cut International Short Film Festival 2022
Busan New Wave Short Film Festival 2022
Korea International Short Film Festival 2022

WINNER: BEST FILM - Katonah Classic Stage Film Festival 2022
NOMINATION: BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY - Korea International Short Film Festival 2022
NOMINATION: BEST ACTRESS for Sarah Langrish-Smith - Busan New Wave Short Film Festival 2022

Sarah Langrish-Smith, David Frias-Robles & Barbara D’Alterio.

Directed & Produced by Syd Heather
Produced by Gloria Daniels-Moss & Daniel Eycott
Story by Syd Heather & Darren Rapier
Screenplay by Darren Rapier
Director of Photography - Gregory Britten
Edited by Philip Reinking, Thomas James Linton & Hansel Rodrigues
Original Music by Pete Fraser
Sound Design & Mixing - Filipe Pereira
Grade - Michelle Cort
Art Director - Moira Lam
Hair & Makeup - Diana Bruton
Costume Design - Sally Byrne
Sound Recordists - Theodore Secerov & Mirko Simoni
Focus Pullers - Chris Steel & Ollie Munks
Camera Assistants - James Coyne & Jason Whittaker
DIT- Hansel Rodrigues
Director of Photography: Pickups - Jack Ayers
Stunt Coordinator - Matt Mitchell
1st Assistant Director - Dan Eycott
Production Managers - Gloria Daniels-Moss & Nadia Kassab
Visual Effects - Zachary Spooner-Barlow
Production Assistants - Ryan Freeman, Josh Lewindon, Laurence Moss, Ben Clements,
Ami Ferreira and James Coyne
Behind the Scenes Photography - Laurence Moss & James Coyne
Additional Music - “Mammals” by Hands Up
Titles & End Credits - Amanda Brent
Poster Design by Arden Avett

Camera & Lenses supplied by - SALT.TV
Additional Equipment supplied by Shoot Blue & Lightning Media

A Syd Heather Production in association with Pixelform Studios.
© Syd Heather MMXX