Syd Heather Freelance Filmmaker

The year is 2012. The year of the London Olympics, Gangnam Style and three whole years before a new Star Wars trilogy. At London Comic Con, Star Wars enthusiast Ryan must choose between hanging out with a beautiful Queen Amidala cosplayer named Tegan, or indulging his inner geek and meeting C-3PO (Anthony Daniels).

Aaron Ellis, Rachelle Payne, David O'Connor, Myles Nicol, and Grace Gomez. Featuring a special appearance by Anthony Daniels (C-3PO).

Writer & Director: Ami Ferreira 
Producer: Syd Heather
Director of Photography: Alex Dowdall
Editor & Sound Mixing: Alex Harffey
Assistant Producer & Production Manager: Paul Jones
Make-up: Charley Wetherall
Costume Design: Ami Ferreira & Maria De Fatima Correira Ferreira
Production Design: Ami Ferreira, Syd Heather, Alex Dowdhall & Alex Harffey
Music by Caramellagirls, Chipzel, Cryptopsy, Disko Warp Music, Hyro Da Hero, Nate Memcereau, and Phebe Starr
Promotional Materials: Charlie Lawrence

Canterbury Christ Church University Best Film 2012
Best Screenplay at the Rob Knox Film Festival 2012
The Birdies Film Festival 2012

Watch the original short from 2012 on Youtube below: