Syd Heather Freelance Filmmaker


An elderly woman goes to her late husband's grave and reasserts her independence. Starring BAFTA winner Gemma Jones as Judith, Una Stubbs as Vera and Graham Seed as the Vicar.

GOLD REMI WINNER - WorldFest Houston International Film Festival, USA
Directors UK/ARRI 'Challenge ALEXA' Competition 2017

Official Selection, Women United: The Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists celebrates the International Day of Women's Health, UK, May 2019
Official Selection, London Lift-Off Online Short Film Festival, UK, December 2018
Official Selection, Aesthetica Short Film Festival, UK, November 2018
Official Selection, Edinburgh Short Film Festival, UK, October 2018
Official Selection, Dublin International Short Film & Music Festival, Ireland, October 2018
Official Selection 'Fighting For 50/50 in Film Shorts', The Smalls Film Festival, UK, September 2018
Official Selection, DC Shorts Film Festival, USA, September 2018
Official Selection, Rebel Film Festival, Plymouth, UK, June 2018
Official Selection, Fastnet Film Festival, Ireland, May 2018
Official Selection, Dam Short Film Festival, USA, February 2018
Official Selection, London Short Film Festival, UK, January 2018
Official Selection, Short To The Point Film Festival, Romania, December 2017
Official Selection, Kinofilm, Manchester International Short Film & Animation Festival, UK, November 2017
Official Selection, Richard Harris International Film Festival, Ireland, October, 2017
Official Selection, Flickers Rhode Island International Film Festival, USA, August 2017


Directed by Paul Murphy
Produced by Audrey Davenport
Written by Samuel Jefferson
Co-Producer: Syd Heather
Executive Producers: James Appleton, Abigail Berry, Svilen Kamburov, Milan Krsljanin
Associate Producers: Mitchell Spears & Michal Dzierza
DOP: Tim Sidell
Composer: Rich Keyworth
Production Design: Steve Blundell
Edited by: Kelvin Hutchins
Casting: Briony Barnett
Costume Design: Lauren Miller
Make-Up: Amy Stewart
Sound Design: James Megee & Liam Clayton

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Gypsy's Kiss is used with permission from Paul Murphy. 
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